Grand Master (Wielki Mistrz)

[ENG] Cornelius von Nettesheim Powerful white mage and grandmaster of the Academy. He’s a emperor’s counselor, is often invited to the royal court. A gray eminence, always calm and taciturn. Everyone respects his knowledge, students like him for his leniency too. He’s very kind for young sorcerers, even if they’ve… Continue reading

Ruth, The Succubus (sukkub)

[ENG] *Incubus = male demon of sexuality *Succubus = female demon of sexuality Real name: R’athiel’le Real titles: unknown Imaginary titles: unknown Fake names: Ruth Iole Risha Ruth is a succubus, one of many Viggo’s “sisters”. They’re friends, if they meet in the world of men, they always try to… Continue reading

The Inquisitor (inkwizytor)

[ENG] Real name: Hector Sperber Chosen name: Gabriel III Hector was a student of Academy of Magic. He studied at the Faculty of Air, under Genau’s care, but was talented in mind discipline too. It was obvious that such a talent has to be well-used. Therefore Hector was recruited to… Continue reading

Rutger von Heblich

[ENG] Rutger von Heblich. Comes from a rich and respectable family. Last-year student at the Fire Faculty. Talented but arrogant, very popular with young sorceresses. He always takes opportunity for some love affair. Now he’s interested in Isabell. Is it neccessary to say that she prefers someone else? Well… “good… Continue reading