Warhammer series coming!

Do you guys know Warhammer Fantasy universe? Have you ever heard about Sigmar, Carsteins, Nagash, dark elves from Naggaroth and Chaos gods? Maybe you’re RPG players already?

Never heard? Nothing lost, because we’re going to make few series of comics based of Warhammer Fantasy stories!

Bartek and I are real geeks and we love WH. We both are players (and Game Masters too). First story (and one of our favorite) will tell about uncommon relationship between Isabella von Drak and Vlad von Carstein.

Isabella is a daugther of mad count, Otto, a ruler of Sylvania. And she’s the last heir of this domain… Dying Otto doesn’t want to give his daughter to any of Sylvanian’s lords. Then mysterious stranger appears and asks for her hand…

We’ll tell exactly the same story – as we feel it. All of planned comics will be for free:)