Vote for new series!

Dear Summoners, 

we’ve decided to open the poll for everyone (to vote, you just need to have account on the Patreon). Please, choose one (or more) and tell us what series do you want to see next!

So, what do you need? What do you desire?:P
Romance? Adventure? Horror?

I put few words about every character and series.

If you have question about one of those stories – ask us!:)

  • Aymon – young, noble knight – adventures, honor, epic fights, vampires;
  • Elena – feisty and smart slavian thief – crime story, romance, a bit of horror, vampires, vampire hunters;
  • Hector – youth of our inquisitor – honor, moral choices, intrigues, magic, demons, inquisitors;
  • Thorwald – savage and brutal nordic warrior – grim adventures, war, loaylty, family, werewolfes;
  • Viggo prequel of The Summoning – Viggo’s birth and youth, more about Ruth, but no Isabell, Miss Haggy or Andrea;
  • A remake of The Summoning – the same story again on bigger format, with more details and more polished artstyle.
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